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The Tower of El Salvador, next to the church of the same name in the middle of the Calle Nueva has the street running under its lowest story. The church itself to the right and houses to the left cover a good part of the two sides, while the narrowness of the street boxes it in so that it is difficult to get a good general view of it.

Its interior houses the Centro de Interpretación del Mudéjar (Center for the Interpretation of the Mudéjar Style) and it is open to visitors. It is advisable to visit it, since it offers one of the scarce opportunities that we have to look at the interior structure of Aragonese Mudéjar towers. The entry is found through a little door situated to the right if you are coming from the Paseo del Ovalo, just before arriving at the interior passage. This is not the original entrance, which is from the church interior; it was built expressly to make it accessible to the public who wish to view the audiovisual projections about the Mudéjar style in the city, an exhibition space and diverse explanatory panels that help one understand and become acquainted with these types of constructions that are found so frequently in Aragonese territory from the 14th through well into the 17th centuries.

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Like the tower of San Martín, it is constructed like Hispano-Muslim minarets based on a square tower that surrounds a second one of the same shape. In the space between both is the staircase, covered with stepped vaulting, which ascends in rising segments while the straight bays create a sort of inverted trough-shape.

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The interior of the tower ascends from the first story all the way up to the bell level and is divided into three superimposed rooms; all are accessible via the staircase.

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The three rooms have simple groin vaulting. On the lowest the ribs are humped while the upper two have a rectangular form. Some little oculi are found at the top of the vault towards the staircases.

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