un recorrido por el arte mudéjar aragonés
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On the walls of the three rooms some medieval graffiti has been found. These have been given pointers and there is a panel explaining them. Among them are soldiers, knights and crosses.

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The total height of the bell level is open. Inside are some supports on which to hang the bells and they previously hung from the openings, but now there is a better view.

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Given the double system of openings on each side, there are a considerable number of them over the two levels.

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The roofing of the tower was carried out with an eight-sided vault that sprang from the center of the sides and also four diagonal arches in the corners. The spaces between these arches and the angles of the tower are closed up with stepped vaults. At present, this roofing has been substituted by a concrete structure that has eight flat surfaces that serve to support the roof.

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