un recorrido por el arte mudéjar aragonés
webmaster: José Antonio Tolosa (Zaragoza -España-)


We begin the description of the decorative motifs on the lower portion, where we find first a narrow band of colored ceramic tiles of alternating white and green, in an arrowhead pattern, often found in Aragonese Mudéjar towers. This band, repeated in the third zone, is found below the first one of angled brick that bounds the lowest part of this panel.

Above the angled brick are two bands with a chain pattern in white, green and wine, and between them a wider band of rectangles bordered in green, alternately filled with diamonds, and diamonds with octagons, of honey, white, green and dark purple, a clearly Sevillian motif.

These three bands extend along the entire perimeter of the surface, with the variation that on the vertical sides, the center rectangles are substituted by a series of superimposed rectangles with rounded corners; of green on a white ground, accompanied by small wine-colored pieces along the sides.


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