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Church of Saint Paul the Apostle (ZARAGOZA)

San Pablo in Zaragoza, the parish church of this popular neighborhood, is one of the most important in the city; it isn’t in vain that it is known as the third cathedral.

Beyond what has been seen on the previous page, there is little to add about the exterior of the church, aside from the big pointed windows with graduated archivolts that slope towards the apse exterior, and the simple band of angled brick running below the line of projecting brackets that support the roof.

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There are four doorways that have varying artistic value. The first and simplest opens on the Calle San Blas. It has a large pointed arch that surrounds another with an architrave that contains the doorway itself. There is a niche in the center of the tympanum, now vacant, which until recently housed the image of a saint.

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